bing here From the new Automate button in the web interface, you can select what level of your account you want to assign a rule. There are 13 different rules available in this first release, including enabling and pausing at all levels, changing budgets and bids, and raising keywords to estimated top or page or first page bids.

When you set up a rule, you can apply it to all enabled entities or choose specific entities. The interface is easy to use and intuitive with clear prompt language. As in AdWords, there are a number of options, so you’ll want to map out the scenarios of the rules you want before you start setting things up. A good place to start, of course, is to set up rules that you may already have running in AdWords.

The rule in the example below is set to increase the daily budgets by 20 percent (up to $200) on any enabled campaign that becomes limited by budget at 5pm each day. It’s then set to send an email whenever it runs.